A Real Muddle

Now I am in a real muddle. Unable to open my laptop computer. So I am sending this SOS from my improvised Table Top Computer set-up.

Imaginary image of me having packed up my computers and walking away.

A squirrel asks – Why?


Peter's pondering

For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt where the given word is Question and the limit is 84 words.

Query this if you will
Unless, like me, you can’t be bothered to do so
Explain to me why
Such deliberation is my nemesis
Though I care not whether it is proved to be the truth or a complete fabrication
I am single minded regarding the matter and care even less than you may think
Oh why insist that we must have a resolution, an explanation, a raison d’etre
Now answer me this if you dare – Why are we here, why are we, why?

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A New Day – And It’s All Change

Well it seems like every day is different here in Assisted Living. So many changes, every thing is getting jumbled in my head! Today I came upstairs to hook up to the internet – only thing was I forgot my backpack which had the computer in it. The sooner the better when we get an internet connection downstairs!!

Yesterday Had a meeting with 2 other “care givers” – fellow residents who care for their spouses. Very good meeting – lead by the Life Enrichment person. Make of that what you will.

Award winning architecture in China

Lens-Artists Challenge #173 – Interesting Architecture

Travels and Trifles

architecture, modern, contemporary
Going Modern, Kiawah Island

“Photography brings the world to us: art, architecture, fashion, nature, war and far-off lands.”

Tim Mantoani

This week I started out thinking about the evolution of our little island here on Kiawah. Where once the island was restricted to classic, southern homestyles, today we have opened ourselves to more varied, often contemporary architecture. Exhibit A, the beautiful home in my image above. My opening quote then led me to expand my perspective to include architecture from “far-off lands”. So our challenge this week is to share your images of Interesting Architecture – whether in your back yard or anywhere else around the world.

Shanghai, china, architecture, contemporary
Pudong, Shanghai – China At Its Best

“Architecture should speakofits timeandplace,but yearnfortimelessness”

Frank Gehry

When I think about architectural wonders, the first place I think of is Shanghai. We were incredibly fortunate to have visited during a crisp, sunny, beautiful week when the…

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