Frantic Trips

I have snuck out of our downstairs apartment to retrieve some things from our upstairs apartment. I usually leave the door of apartment 1 open so that the staff can make sure my husband is okay in my absence. But I didn’t do that today as there are some residents roaming about and if they were to wander in to say hello to my husband, he would not be happy.. We live in a Memory Care part of this facility and any one familiar with persons who have dementia will understand. Need I say more?

I also only have access to the internet tin the upstairs apartment, hence a quick stab o write this blog.

A dog and 3 kittens – from my postcard collection

6 thoughts on “Frantic Trips

  1. I hope you soon manage to get the move completed and a decent internet access downstairs so you can concentrate on remaking your home to your satisfaction. Love and hugs, and make sure you look after yourself.


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