Genealogy Adventure

Thanks to I have now identified my 23rd Great Grandfather. Gilbert De Wetenhale Warner, 1190-1240. Born in Cheshire England. Now I can identify all the more with those Ellis Peters novels of rather gruesome medieval battles in Wales and England. Sends shivers down my spine.

My husband Ian had a beloved maiden cousin Eileen Dickson. Not an Aunt but she was sort of thought of as an aunt. She and Aunt Anna were 2 sweet old ladies who lived close to where Ian grew up in Belfast. I first met them in 1968 and became very fond of them both. Cousin Eileen was a great reader and she was particularly fond of Ellis Peters books. I found it hard to understand how she could like these books where medieval violence was so graphically portrayed.

Ellis Peters was a pseudonym. She was born Edith Mary Pargeter, 1913-1995. She is the author of the very popular Brother Cadfael series. Possibly it was the Brother Cadfael books that Cousin Eileen was reading. At the time I knew cousin Eileen, I was only familiar with the more graphic medieval books by this author.

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