My Neighbor Mrs. Nellie Crowley, Part 2

As I wrote in my previous blog entry, My Neighbor Mrs Nellie Crowley, became sick with cancer and died in 1952. The following year Mr. Crowley remarried and moved to the other side of Belmont. The years passed and I got to know the 2nd Mrs Crowley by a strange coincidence, 3000 miles away in California, on the other side of the country.

Mr. Crowley lived on into his 80’s and died in 1962. Sometime after his death the 2nd Mrs. Crowley moved to Berkeley California. And I too was then living in Berkeley and attending the University of California. We got in touch and we met occasionally for lunch on the Berkeley campus, within sight and sound of the burgeoning student unrest.. This was in the years 1964-1966 and we became good friends.

Now in my genealogy research I have discovered that Mr Crowley and his first wife Nellie were Irish. Both sets of parents had been born in Ireland and immigrated to the U.S. Mr Crowley (Herbert Litchfield Crowley) was from Maine. Nellie was a graduate of Radcliffe and she taught in the Boston Latin School for a number of years until she and Herbert married in 1908.

Herbert and Nellie married in August 1908 in Epworth Church in Cambridge. I found an account of their wedding in The Cambridge Chronicle September 5, 1908. I will share it with you in Part 3 of the Crowley story.

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