Searching For My Old Embroidery Book

My previous blog has unleashed a whole set of “new” memories. I asked my son James if he remembered the Enniskerry Pottery, cited in my previous post. No he was rather vague on that one. Now I’ve thought that he was too young when we used to visit the Enniskerry Pottery. He would have been only age 5 or so. He has better memories of Enniskerry and environs when he was 10+ when he went skiing nearby. That’s a whole story in itself. I will relate that story in due course.

Meanwhile I’ll keep hunting for a copy of that old embroidery book. E-Bay here I come.

One thought on “Searching For My Old Embroidery Book

  1. Shifting sands – going back and forth between my 2 blogs. They both are titled Janet’s Thread 2. The first one has all my posts up to July 1918. Then there’s a break and when I resumed on Janet’s Thread 2 I had a whole new set of entries from then on – confusing? definitely!


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