My Embroidery Book

This was before I became seriously in weaving. It was when we were living in St. Lucia in the early 1970’s – 50 years ago. In Castries, the capital, I found a book on embroidery. It had an appealing cover and looked interesting so I bought it – this was in M & C, the department store. A very small department store. I referred to this book many times and still have it today. In St. Lucia, for lack of anything else, I worked on a big embroidery project. It was a picture of a girl on a swing and involved doing the different styles of embroidery stitches. It was actually fun. Upon completion I wondered what to do with it. I finally found a home for it in Dublin Ireland. I tried to sell it in a small pottery in the village of Enniskerry, a few miles from our home in Dundrum Dublin. The years passed – no one purchased my big piece of embroidery. One of the potters died of cancer – very sad, she was too young. The other potter, Mona Parkes, moved on. And my embroidery ……….who knows. I can’t remember what happened to the little shed – I think it was knocked down as part of a road widening project. Pity. It really added to the charm of the village.

This is not my work – but rather an attractive sample of an embroidery piece

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