Trumbull – Dear Lewis and Clark (1) – Interesting Thoughts And Letters – May 12, 1939

Content relevant to events now (2020).

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

       Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa)

Here beginneth


Ye 12th day of May 1939

Dear Lewis and Clark:

Have just finished listening to Charlie McCarthy. he describes two horses he and Skinny Dugan were entering in a race, which reminds me of Dan’s description of some of the burros he has met.  Charlie referred to them as “fugitives from a glue factory”.

You remember, Dan, in one of your recent letters, you mentioned the fact that you had come to the conclusion the opportunities that existed for former generations of young men no longer held much promise in this day and generation.  I go with you on this thought only to a limited extent.  It seems as though just about the same time, the editor of the Post must have been thinking about the same topic, for a few days after receiving your letter I found the editorial…

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