Speed Wins

I had to go (be taken) downtown today for an EKG prior to my upcoming hand surgery scheduled for Friday August 21st. I was the sole occupant of the Ida Culver van. Social distancing prevents more than one passenger at a time. Due to the reduction in traffic during these Corona Virus times, we arrived at our destination in about 15 minutes flat. By which time I had learned that the driver was renting a house within a stone’s throw of our house in Ballard. Ballard is a Small Community! The driver said to call him when I was finished and he would come back and pick me up. Well, I was finished in about half an hour. If we had had a crystal ball we could have foreseen how efficiently everything was handled and he could have waited nearby rather than driving back to Ida Culver.

Nevertheless we had very interesting conversations en route and now I have arranged for him to transport me again in 2 days time when I have to have yet another Covid-19 test prior to the day surgery the following day.

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