Favorite Recipes

This is a favorite activity for women living overseas with time on their hands. A kind of make work activity for idle hands. Compile a book of your favorite recipes. Favorite recipes of Payson Park Church. Favorite Recipes of Women Living in Bangladesh. etc. And I have participated in projects like this, and the resulting cookbooks have proved to be very useful. So once again, the residents here at Ida Culver House Broadview have been asked to submit their favorite recipes. That will keep us busy and proactive! Presumably men will be included also – after all this is 2020.

My favorite recipe is one from a dog-eared copy of a Betty Crocker Cookbook. Apple Crisp. That’s my party piece. And Ian’s favorite recipe is one for Apple Pie. I don’t know where he sourced it, but his pies are delicious. Or rather they were delicious. That was one of the first signs of dementia – he stopped cooking. SAD. That was about 3 or 4 years ago.

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