A High School Memory

I have photograph of a group of high school friends who took a trip to Ogunquit Maine. I was the driver – I think we had a Mercury or Plymouth at that point. On the way we stopped a little craft booth run by a woodturner. That photograph is all I have from that trip. My classmates – Barbara Brooks, Sylvia Elso, Gail Knight, one other I think. I don’t have the photo to hand right now – I suspect it is still in lockdown in our house as we are in lockdown here at Ida Culver Broadview. Anyhow – those classmates – Barbara Brooks is fine so far as I know, living in Portland Maine. Sylvia Elso has passed away. and curiously Gail Knight lived just North of us in Crown Hill – she passed away in 2000 almost simultaneously with our move to Ballard. Gail Knight Coburn.

The missing classmate whom I can’t remember right now might have been Marilyn Weedon. She and Sylvia were best friends and usually were together. Marilyn and Sylvia were Very Scandinavian – either Swedish or Norwegian. Lutheran. Blond hair. Always cheerful. I raise this now – in high school they were just friends. I didn’t think about ethnicity. Looking back now, we had tremendous diversity – European and Middle Eastern roots abounded – but no African. There were no African American families allowed, by law, to live in Belmont.

I have a photograph of a party I attended as a 4 or 5 year old. There was an African American boy at the party. The birthday party was for Bobby Walsh, a Downs Syndrome child. Thinking back, this little African American was probably the child of a staff person.

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