Struggling To Recall……..

I’m trying to recall the details of surgery on my right hand. The surgery was performed by Dr. who was very nice. He had a good manner. Very reassuring. Numerous tests had been performed and repeated on my hand. The doctor was puzzled but finally referred me for surgery. I was overnight in the Mt. Carmel and the surgery was performed the next morning. Afterward I was allowed to go home. My hand was heavily bandaged and I wasn’t able to drive. A minor detail which I hadn’t foreseen. I phoned a friend, Jan Bartlett, and she was able to come get me. It was sometime in the summer of 1995. Ian was away – I think he was in Nairobi for a month. A short consultancy in his first year of semiretirement. The sons must have been away for whatever reasons. After a week I went back to the Mt. Carmel to have the stitches removed by the doctor who had performed the surgery. When I got home from that trip I discovered that one stitch remained. A nurse friend, Gwen Lew, worked at the Mt. Carmel and she was able to remove the stitch. The doctor was on his way to County Kerry for his holidays. Gwen and Jan both died of cancer not too many years later. The doctors – I don’t know – maybe lived to old age. Not like the doctor who delivered all 3 sons in the Mt. Carmel. He died of cancer at age 61.

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