The Mysterious Visiting Black Cat

At breakfast this morning I looked out the window and saw that we had a visitor – a black cat with a white ruff – handsome. A nice sight to start the day. Stray animals do not often visit the compound here at this Assisted Living community. We are. a gated property on 3 sides and a busy thoroughfare borders the 4th side. This cat was most handsome and I only wish I had had my camera. But even my own photo would have given me only temporary satisfaction. I have a lot of pictures in my camera and I haven’t been able to share them with my readers. When we moved about a month ago I gifted my computer and printer. And that computer was the one synced with my telephone/camera. That is an issue awaiting my tech aide along with the scanning of numerous postcards. Help is on the way.

Sort of like our visitor but needs some white.

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