I laughed and laughed reading this.

Don Ostertag: Off Stage


A Reblog 

I saw on FB that today is a very big birthday of Peter Michael Goetz, one of the shining actors in the Golden Years of the Guthrie Theater. Although Peter has acted on TV and movies, I think of him as a stage actor. From an acting intern at the Guthrie to Broadway, from small parts to playing leads, from comedy to intense drama. A wide range of roles and captivating in each of them.

This is one of my favorite memories of Peter on the Guthrie stage where he not only played the male lead, he also almost acted as the head usher…albeit it doesn’t portray his acting skills as much as it is an example of why working with him was always fun.

It was a Wednesday matinee of Arsenic and Old Lace, at the Guthrie. There was a large contingent of senior citizens.


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Unheard From

We were neglectful this year and did not send Christmas cards. We also received very few. Each day,, as the days pass, I think oh I must send out a few notes. My resolutions are firm, my actions are nil. Now if only my Christmas card list reflected my list of readers of my blog, all would be solved by a HOLIDAY MESSAGE HERE. But alas the 2 lists are quite separate.

For readers of my blog I have gone my photos and found a few in the red and green colors of the season and set them out below, so.


Tremont Street from Boylston Street, Boston Mass. Christmas shopping in my youth.

Holiday Greetings

Forbidden fruit
The holly and the ivy……..

Colorful Greetings

Year’s End

Bald Head Cliff, Ogunquit Maine

There is something symbolic about coming to the end of a calendar year and “stepping”into the New Year.. In this case, transitioning from 2021 to 2022. Is this cliff symbolic of our transition? Or should I find a picture of a mountain we have to climb? Reading the newspaper, 2021 is described as a difficult year. Is 2022 going to be even more difficult? This is in fact a very personal question.

What lies in the future? – for you? for me?

Whatever lies ahead let us embrace the days with gratitude and positivity. In the words of the song – always look on the bright side of life!!

Alfred Duryee Guion’s Christmas Card – 1964

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

I believe this 1964 Christmas Card was the most ambitious card that Grandpa ever designed, and unfortunately, he passed away in September, two days after his 80th birthday, before it was finished. The family worked to complete it and included a message that Grandpa had composed, probably years before, to be appended to his final Christmas card. When completed, it was a 21-page booklet, covering  many personal touches of Grandpa’s children, their spouses and 20 of his 21 grandchildren. (His 21st grandchild was born two years later) Consider this Grandpa’s Christmas Legacy.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - inside cover

Founded March 17, 1913 at Mount Vernon, New York

March 17, 1913 was the day Alfred Duryee Guion married Arla Mary Peabody.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 1 - Message


B.C.S., New York University

Founder and Chancellor

1884 to 1964


Once more I am faced with the recurring problem of selecting a suitable

idea on which to…

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