Temple, Trees and Peace

And Miles to go before I sleep...

Allow nature’s peace flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.

John Muir

Temples in Pune, opened up to public in last week of October, 2021. I visited a Shiva temple last week for the first time since they opened up. Last time, I visited this temple around Feburary, 2020. This Someshwarwadi temple is a located near Baner. Apart from trees, nothing changed as such. Trees have grown tall and they spread out their branches covering the entire garden area in shade. Sharing here some pictures of the different trees that are in and around the premises of the Temple.

This Shiva temple is usually crowded during Mahashivratri and on other main festivals days and is well maintained by the temple authorities.

The road to the temple is also flanked by trees that have grown majestically. With so many trees around, there is always a cool breeze in this area…

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