Christmas Magic?

Peter's pondering

It used to be amazing
but now it’s Amazon
The Christmas lights are blazing
but the magic’s mostly gone

The World’s become so greedy
it’s everyone for self
we oft forget the needy
and leave them on the shelf

We eat ‘til we are bursting
whilst others have no food
and some are even thirsting
our values seem quite skewed

So, next year, help the have nots
just see what you can do
because there’s lots and lots and lots 
less fortunate than you! 

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It is now almost 3 p m on St. Stephen’s Day. The snow appears to be tapering off and I just saw a flurry of robins darting from one tree another. I have also seen hummingbirds and little brown birds on this unusually snowy day. If Katerina were to comment on the weather today, I suspect she would give it a lot of thought.

Thinking deep thoughts

Not enough snow yet to assemble the team

The dogs are ready to go
The cat wants to come in
Dusk? The horse waits patiently

The sheep has a thick protective coat

Winter wonderland
A dusting of snow
A snowy winter scene