Searching for a Theme

What will I write about today? Well rain was forecast but so far all we’ve had are blustery winds and fast changing clouds. So I went over to my house and garden and continued my efforts of yesterday, picking up leaves and emptying pots filled with rainwater. Slow contemplative work. (Even so I was a bit stiff from yesterday’s bending etc.). Today was colder and eventually I retreated inside to continue my bird watching. The birds were being blown about this way and that. And the sea gulls and crows just seemed to glide with the air flows. I was fascinated by the large number of small brown birds at this time of year. They did seem to be rounder or more puffed out. Was this nature’s defense system against the wind and the rain and the cold.? There were one or two brown birds with a degree of red on their chests. No Stellar’s Jay today to caw at me. Yesterday I was hoping to see a Northern Flicker in company with the Jay. Needless to say I just enjoy being outside and seeing the birds. My neighbor is doing an excellent job of putting out food for the birds. And the squirrels are having a field day.

Peter’s squirrel
My garden and one of my neighbors in a warmer season

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