The Island – Pictures and Stories – Slave Ring – September, 2020

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

I am back home now – actually had an extra day – and I had so many memories while I was there. I thought I would share them for this week. I hope you enjoy them.

These pictures are of a ring firmly attached to a rock on our family Island. I do not know the actual history of the ring but the story that I heard was that slaves or convicts were working not that far away and at night they were brought to the Island and chained to this rock. I was a pretty secure place for them to be at night because non of them knew how to swim. 

I need to do some research to see if I can find out the truth about this ring, but it is an interesting story.

Slave Ring, September, 2020

Slave Ring (close-up), September, 2020

I will be posting more…

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