The Virus Has Created Havoc

I have had news from Ireland, and more specifically from my friends at Kilternan Market. Kilternan Market is a small co-operative market established in 1964 by producers of produce or craft items. The market is held every Saturday morning 50 weeks of the year.

When I joined it had been going for quite a few years. We came to Dublin in 1968 and I don’t think I even heard of the Market. We lived just beyond the immediate radius of the Market and also we lived overseas for a few of those years in the 1970’s.

It was a bit later in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s that I joined and became member number 268. As the years have gone by members have either moved away or have resigned for personal reasons or have died.

When the Corona Virus spread around the world last February, the Market closed, to the dismay of producers and customers alike. The Market has recently reopened with various restrictions in place.

I have now had news of the members who haven’t dared to come back to the Market yet. Fear of the Virus. And just this past week one of my friends there has died –not from the Virus, just old age I think.