A Note On Memory

Here I am using my memory to write interesting items on my blog. Now today’s issue of The Daily Chronicle (the in-house publication at Ida Culver) has a front page article indicating that memories are more complex than simply remembering the past. To quote the article : “Scientists have shown that each time we recall a memory we are prone to change it slightly.” I wonder. I would have to lookout this in a more scientific way rather than relying on such a sweeping generalization in our in-house publication.

A photo from the past – this is me (Janet) at my loom in Dublin. This must date from sometime between 1994 when we moved back to Dublin for good and approximately 2005 when I was getting tired of weaving rugs and was finding it harder and harder to crawl under the loom in setting it up. Note the painting in the upper right hand – corner. I have that painting hanging on the wall behind me as I type this blog entry Sept. 17, 2020 in Seattle. I treasure that painting especially – it was done by my good friend and neighbor Finola O’Keeffe in Dublin. The cat is Menou whom I used to feed when Finola went on holiday. Now I think of the cat as Katerina, our cat in Seattle.