The Changing Neighborhood

In my research I am discovering that the neighborhood I knew in the 1940’s had changed considerably from the 1930’s when my brother and sisters were growing up. My siblings would talk about neighbors whom I never met. My father and his 2nd wife moved into the house in 1927 when it was built. My father planted the maple tree in the back yard when my sister Nan was born in April 1927. I had the opportunity to read their mother’s diaries written from 1925-1930. The family lived in an apartment on School Street prior to the move to Old Middlesex Road. Their mother Mildred wrote of my father playing golf a lot. When the time came to move to the new house she was left to push the baby carriage about a mile up hill. In 1927 my brother Bob would have been 2 years old. My sister Ruth would have been the baby in the carriage, and Mildred would have been pregnant with Nan! And my father would have been off playing golf!! I wonder! This is painting a very bad picture of my father, but I am sure he was quite the opposite. My image of him and feelings are quite the opposite – a very loving and doting father.

I would like to look at those diaries again if I get a chance. Ruth had them for years and then loaned them to Nan. I am not sure whether They were returned to Ruth. I must. as one of Ruth’s daughters.