Historical Records

When I was. growing up there was a very special brown book of letters written by my grandfather when he served in the Civil War. This book was kept in my parents’ closet. I used to think that some day I would like to do something special with these letters. The years went by and when it came time to sell the house in Belmont, I was far away and in no position to put forward a claim to those letters. But they fell to my sister Ruth who possibly had a stronger claim and was in a good position to take them under her wing, so to speak. The years went by and it was Ruth and her daughters who took action re our grandfather’s Civil War letters. Now Ruth has passed and today I discovered that her eldest daughter has the letters, safe and sound. I am too old and not in a position to put in a claim to them. I’m just glad that they are secure and in safe hands.

Names In Common

Dorothy was a popular name in my parents generation. My mother was named Dorothy, in Northern Ireland the mother of Ian (my husband) was named Dorothy, Mrs Fahey our neighbor in Belmont Mass was named Dorothy, my mother had a similar aged friend named Dorothy. and so on. Girls born 1890-1920 approximately.