Exploring My Neighborhood

I am using the U.S. Census to explore my neighborhood in the 1940’s. This is a fascinating exercise as I am calling on my own memories and my older brother and sisters’ memories. My older siblings knew many neighbors who were there before my time. The Census Records of 1940 and prior years yield lots of information. As do the Town Directories for many years pre and post 1940. Registrations for the draft in World Wars 1 and 2 are a source of information. High School Yearbooks are good also. Thanks to my sister Ruth I have a History of Belmont – a publication titled Footsteps Through Belmont by Richard B. Betts – a wealth of information and old photographs. I think Ruth won it at one of her high school reunions. My brother was the Class of 1942 – a browse through his Blueprint yearbook yields memories of classmates and neighbors.

Lawn bowling prize money finally spent

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I had a very good season  of lawn bowling and even had some prize money from the Leinster-Crumlin week in early August.  I decided to set the money aside and use it for something special.  In late August I had my music week at Termonfeckin – the Irish Recorder and Viols Course.  That was such a good week, I decided that I would use my prize money for the purchase of a bass recorder.  And today the new recorder arrived.


I’m delighted!  We have a big recorder playing weekend coming up and I hope I can play it at some point over the weekend. 

As for knitting news, here is the eccentric blanket, which the other resident photographer in the family has labelled “latest weird rug”.    

latest-strange-rug.jpg  I am using all sorts of bits and pieces from my stash – it is a stash reduction project – in this case…

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Janet's thread

I haven’t played my recorders for a couple of years or so.  I was just busy with other activities and the time and place where the monthly recorder meetings were held were no longer convenient.  But recently I tried playing the recorder again and found that arthritis in my hands made it difficult to play.  Alas.  Up until now the things associated with aging haven’t really bothered me.  But now, trying to play the recorder is painful and it is bothering me to find that I just can’t spread my fingers with enough agility to make playing the recorder possible.  I really wanted to attend and play in an up coming one day jazz workshop.miscellaneous-ian-009  In younger days with the bass recorder.  7 or 8 years ago?  in my early 70’s

I have a friend of similar vintage whose mother had very bad arthritis in her hands.  My friend…

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