Plum pudding – 1 year old

How I wish we had some Christmas pudding. I love it- especially the ones my husband used to make.

Cooking Filipino in the UK

plum pudding with double creme

This is from the same Christmas pudding recipe that I posted 4 years ago. On why it’s called plum pudding when there’s no plum–I don’t know.

Last year we made two, but we didn’t get to eat the other one. Someone told me it could also be served during Easter–now I know! At least we’re spared the effort this last quarter, only I don’t get to “stir and make a wish” this year.

This is the sound our pudding makes while steaming, and below is how it looks like when lit! Be careful! And go easy with the double creme. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Plum pudding – 1 year old

  1. My Mum always made the puddings and cakes…a big enterprise, lots of stirring and wishing. I still have a silver 3d bit. But these days I find it too rich and too sweet. Mum used to keep her puddings a long time. Periodically she would uncover them and pour more brandy or rum on. Must have been very alcoholic!

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