Reading Time

Reading is very important to me and I feel so blessed to be able to continue this activity as I advance in years. So many of the residents in thisF Assisted Living facility are no longer able to pursue this pastime (so called). Think of not being able to read the daily newspaper – you might think that was a good thing but if it is not a matter of choice, I would lament the situation. I have always been a reader. Not so much of newspapers and magazines but of books, mostly fiction. My passion for reading is also a passion for collecting. I like to own the books I read. It’s possibly odd to feel that way given that I am a librarian as well. I keep lists of books I’ve read and I have goals of reading so many books per year. Reading 100 or more books annually would be an achievement. My current book is Zazen by Vanessa Veselka – an author new to me. Soon I’ll get back to. Phillippa Gregory and English History.

The reader

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