Peter’s Pondering Pipes #5

A taste of piping- enjoy.

Peter's pondering

This is the fifth post in the series. Previous posts can be found by clicking on#PETER’S PONDERING PIPES.

We have moved from Ireland, via Northumberland, Wales, and now move down to Cornwall.

I am learning as much about pipes as you are so I shall ask an expert, Dr Merv Davey, to tell us a little about Cornish Pipes. Every 5th May might be the only time of year you get to hear any Cornish being spoken, so remember to join in and say Gool Peran Lowen (Happy St Piran’s Day) to your nearest and dearest each year!

Another name that constantly crops up when researching bagpipes is Julian Goodacre. He is a maker and researcher of the historical bagpipes of the British Isles, and is based in Peebles, Scotland. He has particularly specialised in reviving the extinct English bagpipes, Scottish bagpipes, and Cornish bagpipes.

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