What to Write? Ian Broad? COVID? Random Immigrant? Nantucket?

COVID. The COVID Virus has dominated the news for many months It is still circling the earth with new variants. One country in particular, India, is currently suffering the most. But to date I have only heard of one person that I actually knew who died as a result of the Covid virus. This person is someone I first met over 30 years ago.in Bhutan and then we met again in Dublin. He was an interesting person with whom we had a lot in common but we didn’t keep in touch.

Recently I was randomly searching the Irish Times Obituaries and our friend’s name – and picture – appeared. There was no missing it – Ian Broad – our Irish friend whom we met in Bhutan had passed away – cause of death – COVID VIRUS. I was so struck – and saddened. I just felt low for days afterward. But what an interesting life he lead. He certainly made a mark. A Trinity graduate, a well loved and respected and inspiring teacher of geography and geology at the High School in Rathgar, an activist in civic and conservation causes. He was particularly interested in trees and he made gifts of trees to many of his friends and neighbors. He taught school in the northern part of China, in Bhutan, and in South Africa. I remember in Bhutan he collected botanical specimens which he sent to Kew Gardens in London.

The way we met Ian in Dublin was. somewhat accidental. We met through mutual friends who lived near us in Dundrum. Just a casual mention in conversation – oh when you were in Bhutan did you ever meet?………..

The tributes to Ian in the obituary were striking. I was very moved. .

Flowers for Ian Broad

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