Miscellaneous Photos – Stories To Match

I have been searching, unsuccessfully, for photos of a jigsaw puzzle I was working on. Does my computer eat photos? I wonder sometimes. There could be no other explanation.

I wanted to show you how far I got on the latest puzzle and then could got no further. It defeated me. Too many pieces could fit in too many ways. I was about 2/3rds finished. Now I have turned to another 1000 piece puzzle. If this proves too difficult I will seriously think of switching to 500 piece puzzles. I like a challenge but I like to win – i.e. be able to complete the picture.

In my wanderings I had a few random thoughts which I will share below.

Would this make a good 1000 piece jigsaw? It is a postcard of the Machine Shop in the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy Massachusetts.? I think it would be more than difficult.

Now this image of Nantucket Harbour would make a lovely puzzle.

Dublin cat – subject for a puzzle?
Trio of Fluffy Kittens

A 1000 piece puzzle in the making – a joy to work on and I finished it successfully, not so long ago