Activities at Ida Culver

Marching along – seen at Ida Culver lane several months ago – a parade to entertain the residents and staff

Now at Ida Culver with the gradual easing of COVID restrictions, more and more activities are opening up for the residents. I looked in on the bridge players the other night. I understand that pre-COVID they would have 4 or 5 tables for an evening of bridge. But sadly they only managed 2 tables the other night. One of the players was named Richardson – reminded me of my sister Nan Richardson who loved to play bridge but when she advanced in years toward her 90’s there were no other people to play with in the retirement community where she lived. A pity because she really thrived on her games of bridge. My mother too was a very keen bridge player. She was able to play until she passed away in her late 80’s.

Another activity that I investigated this pst week was the ART CLASS. As soon as I entered the room I was reminded of the sketching class I did in Dublin. The class in Dublin was offered by the town and was mainly for retired people but anyone could participate. Well would you be surprised to learn that the Ida Culver Class was doing the exact same lesson that we did in Dublin 25 years ago? The first class/lesson was to carefully observe and draw a fruit. Here in Seattle the fruit was an apple. In Dublin I can’t quite remember which fruit the teacher chose, but the objectives were the same..

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