Coffee is one of my favorite beverages. And I had not had even a sip of coffee for the past year………but yesterday I got our ancient coffee maker out of the cupboard, figured out how to assemble it, got a 1 1/2 year old pod out of the cupboard, pressed a few buttons in random order, and presto it resulted in a fresh cup of real coffee. Aah – bliss. I think I’m back to drinking coffee.

That coffee maker is huge relative to the size of our kitchen shelf – that’s why I put it away in the first place, that and a general reluctance to do anything kitchen related when we first moved here. But I guess this could be considered adjusting to living at Ida Culver as opposed to our own home. Adjusting has taken a while. – we’ve only been here almost a year and a half.


The photo below should go with yesterday’s post – Montserrat Memories

Eruption of the volcano on Montserrat

Victorian pincushion on spindle stand by Victoria Sampler: 1 – getting started

I am thinking about other projects besides knitting.

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I’m just starting the next embroidery project that I want to stitch, and I knew right off that it would be one of Thea Dueck’s lovely designs. I’ve got so many of her Victoria Sampler chart booklets in my stash, and several are already kitted up, so it shouldn’t take long to decide which one to get going on, right? Wrong!

This is the one I had planned to do – it’s the Victorian Purse – a beautiful shaped bag and stitching accessories set. I’ve had this in my stash for about 8 years already.

Victorian purse embroidery by Victoria Sampler

I bought the thread pack are the same time that I got the chart booklet. These seem pricey at first, until you work out that if you had to source all those speciality threads from scratch, it would cost way more! Plus, I love getting the little packets in the post 🙂

I chose some…

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