My Random Immigrant Stories – Whom Shall I Pick Today?

John Priest has been chosen for Immigrant Story Number 5. In choosing this ancestor I really went down a rabbit hole. I started pursuing the wrong John Priest – as follows.

There has been some confusion over an early settler named John Priest. For one, a John Priest who was born around 1650 but it is not certain who his parents were.

There was an immigrant named James Priest who emigrated from England in 1637. He married Elizabeth _________. They had at least 7 children but none named John. James recorded his will in 1676.

Another speculation is that his father was John Priest who lived in Charlestown, married Sarah, had at least 7 children, and sold land on the Reading border in 1680.

The first definite thing we know about John Priest is that he was impressed into military service from Woburn during King Phillip’s War, and probably took part in the Great Swamp Fight in December 1675. He married Rachel Garfield of Watertown in 1678. They had 3 children born in Woburn and then the family moved to Lancaster in 1688.


Now I am going to write about the John Priest Sr in my family tree – My Immigrant No. 5

John Priest Sr. Immigrant No. 5 in my family tree was born in England in 1615. He was my 9th Great Grandfather. He married Sarah Allerton “The Niece” in 1640.. Sarah Allerton was born in 1619. Her parents were Isaac Allerton and Fear Brewster – the Allerton family came to America on the Mayflower in 1620.

….to be continued

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