Ancestors Picked At Random – Stephen Goodyear, Number 4 in the Immigrant Ancestors Series

Stephen Goodyear is one of my 9th GGFs (Great Grandfathers). In my family tree I have a total number of 512 9th GGFs – 256 paternal and 256 maternal. Picking one at random, Stephen Goodyear, my 9th paternal GGF

Stephen, a merchant, was born in 1598 in London and he died in London also. Although he died and was buried in London I am still considering him an immigrant. He first came to New Haven Connecticut and settled there around 1638. He was eventually chosen to be Deputy Governor of the Colony. But because of the nature of his occupation he made numerous trips back and forth between the New World and the Old. Although he is buried in London, there is a plaque honoring him in the Central Burying Ground in Hamden.Ct.

Stephen Goodyear was a merchant, mariner, and West Indies trader He first came to New Haven in 1638, or thereabouts. In 1643 he was chosen to be Deputy Governor of the Colony of New Haven and served from 1643 to 1658. He owned the vessel SAINT JOHN, which was licensed to carry 250 passengers from England to the Americas. He was listed as a passenger on one of these voyages around 1638.

Stephen Goodyear was part of the company called “The Ship Fellowship” of New Haven

Stephen Goodyear established the first iron works in Connecticut in 1655, in East Haven. They operated for 25 years. Stephen also had a part share in a fur trading post.

By 1643 Stephen had a large estate totaling close to 900 acres. His farm was located north of New Haven in the neighborhood of Pine Rock. In 1651 he sold Shelter Island, which he had owned for 10 years, for 1600 pounds worth of goods from the West Indies.