The Passing of Larry McMurtry

I was very sad to learn of the passing of one of my favorite authors, Larry McMurtry. There was a review this author in this week’s issue of The Economist magazine. My husband is txeonewho reads this magazine and he called my attention to the obituary. Not only was I sad to learn of Larry McMurtry’s death, but I was disappointed and annoyed with the obituary itself. I think the obituary did not do justice to Larry McMurtry at all. I will mourn him in my own way. I have read most of his books, if not all, and enjoyed them so much. He was a wonderful author. And he was a book collector and bookseller as well – a man after my own heart. And we were the same age – 84.

Larry McMurtry

In The Mail

I am spinning my wheels trying to find a certain photo – and so far I have randomly found the following..

My daughter-in-law a lifetime ago.- University College Dublin Graduate – before marriage and 4 children
An image from my computer – I don’t know how I found it or what the picture is
My cousin Katherine (now Kaysea) and me, Karen Country Club, Nairobi Kenya, early 1990’s