Judas Horse by Lynda La Plante – Detective Jack Warr on the trail of an informer while maintaining good relations

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Judas Horse by Lynda La Plante

Violent burglars rampaging around an area of highly desirable properties is one thing for Detective Jack Warr to deal with, but coping with more senior officers is another thing altogether in La Plante’s latest crime thriller. When diplomacy is not enough, he must consider other methods to prevent those he struggles with from getting in the way of stopping a sophisticated gang perpetrate more attacks on homes that will soon only end one way. When a frightened woman explains that a “Judas Horse” is trained to betray the other wild beasts, Jack realizes that protecting victims is a fine art. Those people who have read the first book in this excellent series will pick up some of the reasons why Jack acts as he does, but there is certainly enough detail in this book for those who have not previously encountered Jack Warr to…

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