Immigrant No. 5, continued

I started on this ancestor and was led down a rabbit hole. So, I start again. John Priest Sr. was one of my 8th Great Grandfathers. John Priest Sr. 1615-1704. Born in Leiden in 1615, He came to America on the Mayflower arriving in 1620. Born in 1615, he was only 5 years old for the Mayflower voyage.with his parents John Priest and Sarah Allerton. His father died in the first winter. His mother remarried.

Now I have a puzzle. Another source says that our John Priest traveled alone on the Mayflower and his wife and children were to follow later. But after his wife heard that her husband had died, she remarried and she and her new husband and children came to America on the ship ANNE in 1623, landing in Plymouth.

Conflicting records – what to do. I think I’ll move on to another immigrant where the records are clearer.

Let’s just say that John Priest my 8th Great Grandfather arrived in Plymouth in 1620 or 1623. He lived in Plymouth and later moved to Salem and finally to Lancaster in Massachusetts.