The Blue Item Of Trash

From our apartment window here on the 3rd floor of Building D I look down and see an offending piece of trash. Why doesn’t someone pick up this offending piece of paper? I have wondered for a year. I have called down to the occasional workman or gardener. At last the security gate was open and I took the matter in hand. If no one else would pick up that piece of litter I would. Well, the joke’s on me – that offending blue object – piece of paper, sweet wrapper or whatever – is actually a ceramic flower – and is very pretty indeed. There must be some sort of moral to this story. Beauty in the eyes of the beholder………..or some such phrase.

I have a photo of said blue item but the complexities of “photos” in my computer and the cloud defeat me at present. Nevertheless I can just look out the window to check that the blue ceramic flower is still in place.

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