World War II Army Adventure (110) – Dear Dad – Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday – September 1, 1945

A very moving letter from a son to his dad. A son who lost his mom at a very young age.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

Grandpa’s birthday was September 11th and I am amazed that this letter made it from Manila to Trumbull before the actual day. I am sure that Grandpa felt a burst of pride in raising a son who could write this sort of letter to his father.

DPG - Dave in uniform

David Peabody Guion

September 1, 1945

Rec’d 9/8

Der Dad –

I’m back again, but it’s only a short note to wish you a very Happy Birthday with many, many more and happier ones to come.

The more I think of my good fortune in having such a kind and loving father, the more I feel that I can never come anywhere near to repaying you for all you’ve done for me – and the rest of us.

As you’ve mentioned yourself, you had to be both Mother and Father to me.  As far as I’m concerned you’ve filled the shoes very nicely and…

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2 thoughts on “World War II Army Adventure (110) – Dear Dad – Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday – September 1, 1945

  1. Janet – Thank you for re-Blogging this post. A truly remarkable tribute from Dave to Grandpa. Dave was only 7 when his Mother passed away and Grandpa filled the roles of Mother and Father to his youngest. The older children were all in their teens when this loss happened and their lives were much influenced by their Mother and the Peabodys.


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