Jigsaw Puzzle Trouble

Something is wrong with my jigsaw puzzle. I thought I was nearing completion of this “delightful” 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that I have been working on for about a month. It’s unusual for me to take so long to do a 1000 piece puzzle. But difficult as it has been, it has been compelling and I didn’t yield to the temptation of giving up along the way. But this is annoying to be so near the end and to find that there is a mistake or maybe more than one to foil me..

While hunting for a photo of my 90% finished puzzle I found the image below. Now that would make a great jigsaw puzzle

Gourd painter, West Africa

Ave Verum Corpus


Ave Verum Corpus has often been described as one of the few perfect pieces of music ever written. It is a mere three minutes long and simple in musical structure but ranks among Mozart’s best works. Ave Verum Corpus (Hail, True Body), (K. 618), is a motet (a short piece of sacred choral music, typically polyphonic and unaccompanied) in D major composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1791.

Mozart composed the motet in 1791 in the middle of writing his opera Die Zauberflöte. He wrote it while visiting his wife Constanze, who was pregnant with their sixth child and staying in the spa Baden bei Wien. Mozart set the 14th century Eucharistic hymn in Latin, Ave Verum Corpus, to music to be used in the Baden church. He wrote the motet for Anton Stoll, a friend of his and of Joseph Haydn. Stoll was the musical director of…

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