Aimless Knitting

I have a huge stash of yarn for knitting and weaving. One of my long term goals is to reduce this mountain of yarn to a more reasonable accumulation. Of course every threadhasa memory attached so I can’t just throw or give the whole lot away. Every knitter and weaver knows this. I should convert all this yarn into useful items. Consequently I find myself knitting scarf after scarf after scarf – scarves with blocks of color – to be converted into blankets?

I refrain from buying any more yarn. I refrain from succumbing to the temptations of trying new or old patterns – with yet another brand new yarn in a brand new color fresh from the dye pot. Temptations abound.

Is this lady knitting?
There is something therapeutic about knitting. And there is a beauty in the knitted stitch.
Color combinations

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