Idle Reading

I was idly reading the Seattle Times at breakfast this morning when I came across an article by a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon. The Peace Corps – I immediately think of my mother who at the age of 50+ served in Nepal in the 1960’s. She was in one of the first groups of volunteers to serve in that country. At the close of the Seattle Times article I discover that the author is a Seattle native AND he is a graduate of Middlebury College – my alma mater. Bing! I must follow up on this.

The author of the Seattle Times article, Grant Friedman, was serving in Cameroon when he, along with all the other Peace Corps Volunteers around the world, was recalled to the U.S. because of the spread of the COVID virus. This was the first time in the 60 year history of the Peace Corps that such a recall had taken place.

Ancestors on my Family Tree

I’m posting this again as a reminder to myself and my readers alike.

Janet's Thread 2

I have been adding ancestors to my family tree – Janet’s Family Tree – on These ancestors range from 8th Great Grandfather (or 8th Great Grandmother) to as far back as 13th Great Grandfather (or 13th Great Grandmother).

One set of Grandparents has 2 people. A grandfather and a grandmother

Two sets of Grandparents consists of 4 people. 2 Great Grandfathers and 2 Great Grandmothers

Four sets of Grandparents consists of 8 people 4 Great Grandfathers and 4 Great Grandmothers

and so the numbers keep doubling

1 Grandfather

2 Great Grandfathers

4 Great Great Grandfathers

8 Great Great Great Grandfathers

16 Great Great Great Great Grandfathers

32 Great Great Great Great Great Grandfathers

64 6th GGF’s

128 7th GGF’s

256 8th GGF’s

512. 9th GGF’s

!024. 10th GGF’s

2048 11h GGF’s

4096 12th GGF’s

4192. 13th GGF’s

8384. 14th GGF’s

16,768. 15th GGF’s

33,536. 16th GGF’s


So when…

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World War II Army Adventure (106) – Island Officially Declared Secure – June 21, 1945

A bird’s eye view of Okinawa 1945. Of interest to us over 80’s.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

As I pulled out the letters for this weekend’s post from my 1945-1946 binder, I discovered that there were several letters out of chronological order.  These letters shed some more light on the situation during the last days of the war on Okinawa, so I have decided to post them out of order.

There is no salutation or date on this letter.

On Thursday afternoon, June 21st at 1500 Okinawa time, the Island was officially declared as being secure.  All organized Jap resistance had ceased, and only the mopping-up of the island was left to be done – at the South end of the Island but there were still snipers – hiding in the caves – harassing the victorious American forces.

At 1000 Friday morning, in the Tenth Army HQ.  Area, Old Glory was raised on a beautiful tall, white flagpole.  A Marine division band played a few selections before…

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