Another Immigrant Story

This is my second blog post in my proposed series of my immigrant ancestors’ stories.

I have randomly chosen Andrew Warner and Mary Maria Humphrey, my tenth Great Grandparents. They came from Essex in the eastern part of England. They were married in 1624 in Thaxted in Essex. Andrew was about 30 years old and Mary a bit younger about 23. They had 4 children when they departed from Bristol in late August 1631 on the ship Lyon. Their voyage to North America took a little over 60 days. They landed at Nantasket Beach Plymouth Colony Massachusetts. There is no mention of the 4 children but let us assume the children accompanied them..

Andrew was a farmer and they settled in the Connecticut River Valley in western Massachusetts…They had several more children. Mary died in 1672 at the age of 71. Andrew lived to about age 88, dying in 1684 The inventory of his estate totaled over 356 pounds, of which 253 pounds was real estate.: “4 acres land in Hoccanum,” 20 pounds; 2 acres and a rood at the burying yard,” 5 pounds; “house and homestead, 65 pounds; “6 acres in the great meadow on the south side of the middle way,” 30 pounds; “4 acres in the swamp,” 32 pounds; 4 acres in said meadow,” 24 pounds; “4 acres in said meadow, 24 pounds; “4 1/2 acres inHoccanum.” 20 pounds; “one piece of skirts there,” 2 pounds; and “12 acres of land over the river,” 55 pounds