The Relationship Between My Computer And Me

The relationship between my computer and me is not always a good one. This is particularly the case when it comes to scanned photographs and postcards.. Before we moved to IDCB (Ida Culver …..) all was working seamlessly. But once I got set up and working here somehow the scanning process was not working as before. And when I scanned photos and postcards they were put somewhere in the computer where I could not find them.

Yesterday I think I accidentally stumbled upon the solution to half of this problem, i.e. I can find the scanned photos now on the computer……but I have yet to find the postcard again in my collection…..but that is a whole other matter.

Where have I put postcards that I have scanned? Yes I do have a certain place for those. and I hope I have this issue resolved now. So in answer to a question from G.P. Cox re the age of a postcard I posted a couple of days ago – the postcard of an Edward Hopper painting – “Tables For Ladies”.. I can’t put my finger on the specific pile of scanned postcards containing that card……but it’s not far away. I bought the card relatively recently from a dealer in California and I think the card was relatively new as compared to old – i.e. 1920’s or 1930’s. I’ll keep looking if only to satisfy my own curiosity. Thank you G.P. Cox for your question! . .

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