Le vieil homme et la bouffe

A cantankerous cat but much loved despite his idiosyncrasies.


We have worked out that we have enough Lily’s Kitchen Marvellously Mature to last us until late April. This means that we have around sevenish weeks to figure out how in the world we are going to change the food of a cat who doesn’t like food.

The good news about a late April change is that Louis Catorze’s allergy-prone period will be coming to an end, so we won’t have to endure a food change AND maximum pill dosage AND possible deployment of Le Cône all at the same time. (In fact, as from tomorrow we will be lowering his dose to just one pill a day, as his skin and eyes are looking much less sore now.)

However, at the end of April the little sod will turn 11. And according to, erm, some random charts that I found on the internet – see below for one from…

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