Choosing The Next Book…….

Do you read a book you really like- do you just sit down and read it nonstop? That is what I have been doing recently. Just enjoying my book reading so much – and hardly waiting to choose and start the next one. This afternoon I plowed along and finished reading Janet At Noon by Jane Duncan aka Janet Sandison. This is the 2nd book of 4. jean in the Morning was the first book in the series of 4. It was published in 1971. I read many of Jane Duncan’s books years ago. She wrote a whole series of “My Friends …..” books. Straight forward and charming. This series I’m reading now is a recent discovery which I obtained from a bookseller in Florida. The copies are each well worn ex-library books. What a find!!

But now I am faced with the joy of choosing my next book. I’ll give Jane Duncan a rest before reading Janet in the Evening, the3rd book of 4. Will I read a John Le Carre or maybe Marley, a take on the Dickens character?

One thought on “Choosing The Next Book…….

  1. That sure looks like a book from my Library YTD. I’m thrilled to hear there is another avid reader around! We have an edge on many people during this pandemic!


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