John Clayton ‘Circles Series’ cross stitch: 1 – choosing the design

More textile work to tempt me.

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I have loved the ‘John Clayton Circles Series cross stitch designs for years. If you’ve not come across them yet, I bet you could be easily tempted! These were first put on sale over twenty years ago, but they are still selling well – they are produced by Heritage Crafts, from original watercolours by John Clayton. John first paints the picture and then chooses the thread shades for the cross stitch design version, before Heritage package them up and market them. They’re available as either full kits (on 28 count evenweave, or aida fabric), or as chart packs.

John Clayton Circles Series cross stitch
There are loads to choose from, and they’re all lovely!!

I made one, about 25 years ago, called ‘High and Dry’, featuring boats when the tide has gone out. I loved stitching it, and always planned to do more. Life got in the way, though, and I’ve only just got round…

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USS Cod (SS 224)

Brave men!

Pacific Paratrooper

U.S.S.Cod(SS 224), was launched on March 21, 1943. under the command of CDR James C. Dempsey, USN. Dempsey had already won fame by sinking the first Japanese destroyer lost in the war while in command of a tiny, World War I-era submarine.

It was onCod‘s third patrol, Dempsey’s last in command, thatCodfought her biggest battle. Tracking a massive Japanese convoy heading for Subic Bay in the Philippines on the night of May 10, 1944,Codmaneuvered into firing position just after sunrise.Codfired three of her four stern tubes at the Japanese destroyer,IJN Karukaya,before unloading all six of her bow tubes at two columns of cargo ships and troop transports. Dempsey watched as the first torpedo exploded under the destroyer’s bridge after a short, 26 second run. Both smoke stacks collapsed and dozens of enemy sailors (watching for submarines) were tossed high…

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La Storia della Famiglia Rizzi in Cloz

For a study in genealogy.


Origini del Cognome Rizzi

(Questo è il più popolare dei miei blog. Si prega di lasciare i vostri commenti.)

Rizzi è uno dei cognomi più comuni in Cloz. Comunque, la famiglia ha le sue radici fuori della Val di Non.

Il cognome Rizzi (Ritz nel latino) originalmente descrisse una persona con capelli ricci. Rizzi letteralmente voule dire “uno con capelli ricci.” Il cognome ha potuto sviluppare simultaneamente in molte parti diverse di Italia incluso le aree latine e tedesche del Tyrol Meridionale.

Si ha congetturato che il cognome Rizzi probabilmente originato a Venezia tra gli anni 800-1100. Prima di approssimativamente 1100, persone furono sapute da solamente loro nome di battesimo. Cognomi furono sviluppati per distinguere persone diverse che avevano lo stesso nome. Come gli anni avanzarono, “sopranomi” fu aggiunto per distinguere famiglie che condivisero un cognome comune ma non fu riferito direttamente. Persone col cognome Rizzi emigrò probabilmente nordovest di…

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