One Woman’s Year by Stella Martin Currey – a Persephone book of a year in the 1950s

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One Woman's Year by Stella Martin CurreyOne Woman's Year by Stella Martin Currey – Persephone Books

This 1953 book, beautifully republished by Persephone, is a sort of household book of the year, as a section is devoted to each month. Not that it is a book of out of date household advice, though it does offer recipes and other notes of monthly tasks, it is a sort of observation of the changing seasons. It takes a light view of the most liked and disliked jobs of the month, ranging from the much liked “Reading Forgotten Books During Spring Cleaning” to the disliked “Looking Your Passport in the Face”. There is a quote from the “British Merlin” of 1677 for every month, in which characteristically dated language explores what plants and crops to plant, particular “Physick” concerns, and foods to avoid. A sharp sense of humour pervades every piece, especially the longer observation of an element of life which is written up in full. This is a…

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Color Combinations

Dame Edith Sitwell 1916 Alvaro Guevara 1894-1951 Presented by Lord Duveen, Walter Taylor and George Eumorfopoulos through the Art Fund 1920

I am not sure where I found this portrait of the English poet Dame Edith Sitwell, but it is certainly very striking. Just the combination of colors! Maybe I was meant to find it for that reason. I am knitting a series of scarves now and am experimenting with different color combinations.

I like the image below for the strength of the red color.

And the image below for the more muted blend of the colors.