Can You Top This?

In a random spontaneous discussion yesterday, I divulged that I was married 53 years ago in Nairobi Kenya. Wow – I heard a cry from the “crowd” assembled there to get their 2nd dose of the COVID vaccine. A girl said she was married in the Masai Mara. Well I didn’t have time to compare notes as we were moved along in the line to get our jabs. But I am very curious to hear more of her marriage in the Kenya/Tanzania Game Park. My wedding was very conventional and traditional – St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, a Scottish Rector, traditional hymns, organ music, etc. And the reception was held in the Norfolk Hotel.

How could a wedding take place in the Masai Mara? Well I guess times have changed. Did she just assemble all the necessary people and they all went on safari. Maybe they were able to find a few wild animals as well to add to the group!

Ostrich in the Masai Mara