A Chelsea Concerto by Frances Faviell Revisited – The Real “Blitz Spirit”?

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Following last night’s Documentary “Blitz Spirit with Lucy Worsley” which I really recommend if you can watch it on catch-up (BBC 1), I thought I would repost one of my older reviews.One of the real life “characters” who featured in the programme was Frances Faviell, who became volunteer auxiliary nurse and had some memorable experiences. At the end they briefly showed the account of the Blitz which she wrote – “A Chelsea Concerto” as well as another four novels.

I was approached to review the book in 2016, as it had just been reprinted by Dean Street Press in their Furrowed Middlebrow series. I really found it an amazing book, so different from the other accounts of the Blitz in London that I have read.

Firstly, despite the fact that this book was written several years after the events described, this does not read like a novel. The Narrator records…

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Highlight of the Day

Much to my surprise when I looked out the window of our apartment what did I see but a COYOTE. He was just sitting among the shrubs near the main building. I had never seen a coyote before. I had heard of other sightings in Ballard and further out in the country. But there was one right before my eyes right here in Shoreline, just a few miles north of Ballard. As I gazed in amazement he casually got up and walked slowly away. I was so excited!

But sorry – no photo. – the coyote was gone before I even thought of getting my camera.