Thoughts On A Far Away Christmas

Spending this Christmas 2020 far away from our family members in Connecticut, Ireland, and even Seattle. FaceTime telephone calls brought us closer ………. but still we have spent the day isolating ourselves in our apartment. There were occasional knocks on the door – an aide bearing pills for Ian (my husband), another knock on the door – breakfast delivered by 2 more people, then the nurse to check on Ian’s strange red spots which are itchy and sore, another knock on the door – Christmas dinner – 2 cardboard containers with a small scoop of mashed potatoes, 2 thick cuts of turkey with gravy, a few string beans, dessert, another pill, and a knock on the door at 4:30??? early evening meal – cuts of beef in a salad and a VERY thick rich- in-chocolate desert. The powers that be wanted to let the staff go home early.

It’s puzzling to me how many of the 300 residents are here for Christmas.

Where have I ever spent such a strange Christmas? After my college years there were many years when I did not have a home of my own to go to for Christmas. It wasn’t until I married and had children that the pattern of a traditional Christmas emerged again. And then our family spent so many years in different countries in tropical and sub=tropical countries. And Christmas was different each year. But I do have certain expectations. There are certain things that one tries to replicate each year, no matter the circumstances. And that is what 2020 has been. Thanks to the broadcasting services and the telephone and face time and zoom and the postal and delivery services we are rich in the customary traditions.

I have been daydreaming – has there really ever been a year when I had a “bad” Christmas?

I wish I could turn this right side up – it looks perfect – my aunt and uncle decorating a Christmas tree

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