Trumbull – Dear Lad (2) – Trumbull Politics – July 2, 1939

Local politics in the 1940’s. Anything sound familiar?

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

      Alfred Duryee Guion (my Grandpa) – First Selectman

Politically, the pot is still boiling. Monday I got sore at Mr. Sexton’s manner over the phone and closed off on him, after which he reported in a letter to the newspapers that I was ”rude”. He then followed this with the demand to call another town meeting, which being in legal form, I had to do (scheduled for this coming Friday) for the purpose of “abolishing the Finance Board of the Town of Trumbull”.

This has at last aroused the right-thinking people to a serious realization of the danger of letting him get away with his ideas, and in consequence, on Friday last, there was a meeting of leading citizens from all sections of the town, Democrat and Republican alike, in a combined attempt to get out an overwhelmingly strong representation and put this fellow and his…

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