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As I sat at the computer early this morning, my cat snug beside me and the computer, I looked out at the apple tree in the neighbor’s and  – shock – what was I seeing in the grass beside the apple tree??.  A BIG cat looking like a wild animal.  I am not in  Africa! This is just an ordinary house in suburban Seattle.  Small houses and rather small gardens.   But this cat was BIG and had markings similar to our now alert cat Katerina.  I googled big domestic cats and found a few    big cat jackbig cat

The Big Cat in the grass near the neighbor’s apple tree started to move – sure enough, it wasn’t all that big – it was just rather fat and fluffy.  Not dangerous after all – and lovable I’m sure.

My photos don’t do it justice.  Maybe she’ll come closer to visit next time.

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Memories of Robert Frost

I went to Middlebury College in Vermont the 1950’s. As you probably know, this was “Frost” country. He had a cottage in nearby Ripon Vermont near the Broadloaf Summer School campus of the College – on the road to the Snowball. As an avid skier I passed his hoe many times.

One of my many stirring memories of my college years was to attend a reading of his poems by Robert Frost himself. This was in 1957?. The reading was held in the living room in Willard, one of the women’s dorms. We girls sat on the floor and Robert Frost sat in a rocking chair and read a selection of his poems. It was just Just 2 or 3 years later he read his poem specially composed for the John F Kennedy inauguration.

Robert Frost (courtesy of the internet)

Trumbull – Dear Folks – Dave Is In Okinawa (1) – The Lid Is At Least Part Way Off – June 7, 1945

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

The letter I am transcribing is from a copy of a typed letter on onion skin or airmail paper. It is a very poor copy, water stained, creased with the last portion of the letter typed on the back of page 3 and bleeding through. 


June, 7, 1945

Dear Folks:

Well, the lid is at least part way off. We got a new APO number today – APO 902. Now at least I can tell you I’m on Okinawa. I surmised that you already had guessed that but now you know officially. I am afraid this letter will be a little jumpy because there are so many things I want to say now that I can tell you some things of interest.

I don’t know what you’ve read about this island but it’s really very beautiful. They told us before we hit the island that it was a hell hole…

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Havoc on the Home Front Impacted Christmas

Pacific Paratrooper

Female Santa of the 1940’s

From: “The Voice of the Angels”, 11th Airborne newspaper, vol. 201

Fewer men at home resulted in fewer men available to dress up and play Santa Claus.  Women served as substitute Santas at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City and at other department stores throughout the United States.

During WWII Christmas trees were in short supply because of lack of manpower to cut the tress down and a shortage of railroad space to ship the trees to market.  Americans rushed to buy American-made Visca artificial trees.  The electric lights that were designed in the 1940’s are still in use today.

Artificial tree in 1942 Sears catalog.

Travel during the holidays was limited for most families due to the rationing of tires and gasoline.  Americans saved up their food ration stamps to provide extra food for a fine holiday meal.

Vintage Christmas

Many ornaments were…

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Pre-Christmas post from Star and Stripes – 75th Anniversary

Pacific Paratrooper

In The Past

1964, a Vietnam Christmas for Bob Hope

Bob Hope brings Christmas cheer to troops in Vietnam

1964 | BIEN HOA, South Vietnam — Bob Hope brought some laughter to a place of war Christmas Eve.


Residents of an outer island of Palau retrieve boxes from the U.S. Air Force’s 1999 Christmas drop.

Airmen prepare for annual Christmas gift drop to Pacific islanders

2005 | ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam — Airmen geared up to deliver items to Pacific islanders who can only dream of department stores.


Santa Claus hands out presents to the men of Detachment 35, Company B, 5th Special Forces Group, in Vietnam at the end of 1968. The Air Force lent Santa six C7 Caribou cargo planes for his deliveries in Vietnam. The planes enabled him to visit some 50 isolated outposts – such as this Special Forces camp in Nahon…

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